About Us

The Emerging Market Investor’s Association was founded to provide a central hub for information, education, and networking for investors and investment professionals in emerging markets.  Member firms participate in an exchange of industry knowledge and best practices.  EMIA's role is to provide a central location for emerging market investment news, membership conferences, and information about market data, advisors, consultants and funds within the emerging markets investment industry.
  •  Nurture emerging market growth

    EMIA was created to enhance the emerging market investment industry by facilitating greater information, education and dialogue to increase global understanding about investing in these economies.

  •  Increase investor returns

    EMIA will contribute to higher returns for emerging market investors by providing access to information about emerging market macroeconomics, political risk, regulatory environment, new launches, top managers and sector features. 

  •  Improved perception of emerging markets

    Investor appetite for emerging market equities, debt and private vehicles often falls when news media report conflict, tragedy, and political unrest. By focusing on relaying macro-economic data, markets information and expert analyses, EMIA educates investors and other stakeholders about the reality of emerging market investing.

  • Increase Transparency

    EMIA improves transparency for international investor groups that seek to develop their emerging market presence by providing access to a database of well-respected local market players. Member firms create profiles that feature contact data as well as links to market analyses they provide to EMIA.