Member Benefits


  • Business Listing
    EMIA’s interactive map guides access to a directory of emerging market investment firms and other association members. The map links to three depths of information ending in the firm's full profile. See a live profile here.

  • Member Profile
    EMIA members are featured in 'Alternative Emerging Investor' magazine, a specialist industry resource. Members retain republishing rights to use this profile for their own marketing initiatives.

  • 50% discount        
    EMIA  members enjoy a 50% discount on marketing and advertising initiatives within 'Alternative Emerging Investor' magazine. Traditional advertising, marketing material creation, brand programs and bespoke webinars can be produced by AEInvestor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Firm Needs

  • Post Jobs
    EMIA members can post employment opportunities at their firms via the association's interactive emerging market job board.  Bypass recruiters and mass job boards to reach a targeted audience of professionals, including recent graduates from the world's leading business schools via EMIA's global partnerships.

  • Professional Development Webcast Series
    EMIA produces webcasts that feature dialogue with industry experts who share on-the-ground expertise. Members may also be eligible for continuing education credit via EMIA's webinar series.

  • Local Meetings
    EMIA hosts local meetings in emerging market venues where members can meet others working within the industry. Members are invited to bring potential clients to events and can apply to the association to become an invited speaker.

Stay Informed


  • Subscription to Alternative Emerging Investor magazine
    EMIA membership includes a full subscription to 'Alternative Emerging Investor' magazine, the comprehensive publication for the emerging market investor. AEInvestor relies on in-depth reporting from local sources and expert contributors to provide a vertically integrated look at the emerging market industry. Each issue features sector leaders, including macro-economists, regional experts, regulatory updates, trend features, and opportunities of note brought to the magazine's attention by readers. EMIA members are invited to deepen their role in the magazine's community of readers by suggesting topics and areas for Alternative Emerging Investor to explore. Click for Sample

  • EMIA Yearly Report
    EMIA publishes an annual report that presents viewpoints from members and their firms. With questions created by an advisory board and answered through member polling, the goal of the annual report is to present insights that can be generated through member crowdsourcing. EMIA members can access the raw data, as well as a detailed analysis of the data compiled in the yearly report, which aims to be the most comprehensive of its kind.

  • Newsletter
    EMIA members receive a weekly newsletter that functions as a round-up of the major emerging market investment news, events, jobs, along with profiles of new EMIA members.

Annual firm membership: 600USD