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The Peruvian New & Renewable Energy Congress (PENREC)

Across 3 days of content, high-level networking and exhibition PENREC will delve into the policies, regulations,  macro-economic factors, incentives, financing landscapes, development appetite and energy infrastructure that unite to make Peru a hot renewable ticket.

PENREC Jun 26 - Jun 28, 2017 Lima, Peru 15%     
Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum

As Opal Group’s flagship event, The Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum has become Opal’s largest family office event in the world. In the course of three days, family offices, private investors, and investment managers navigate their way through the past recession, while continuing to explore the best ways to map out their portfolios. Discussions will cover a wide variety of investment topics including direct investing, impact investing, non-correlated assets, and many more. Come join us this July for fun, networking, and favorable prospects for preserving your family’s wealth.

Opal Group June 28, 2017 Newport, RI 20%     
West Africa Power Summit 2017

In July 2017, Dakar, Senegal will play host to West Africa’s No.1 Business to Business Green Power event, which will bring together the senior decision makers from across the ECOWAS region.

The West Africa Power Summit hosted by Vale Media Group, the Sub-Saharan African B2B events company, will provide a platform to address some key challenges of investments for green energy power initiatives, developing new green power infrastructure, integrating green power assets to aging grid infrastructure, regional power pooling and much more. The Summit will bring together Ministries of Power & Energy, State Power providers, Public – Private partnerships (PPP), Independent Power Producers (IPP’s) and key solution providers to tackle some of the most pressing issues within the African Power industry.

Or to register your interest, please contact Vale Media Group by emailing: Natalie Stone, natalie.stone@valemediagroup.com

Vale Media Group Jul 12 - Jul 14, 2017 Dakar, Senegal 20%     
3rd Annual Infrastructure Project Financing Singapore

Rapid urbanisation and development in Asia has given rise to the need for US$8 trillion worth of infrastructure investments between 2010 and 2021. Asia-Pacific’s huge demand for investment in infrastructure development cannot be addressed by either the public or the private sector on its own. Governments and developers across the Asian region are facing challenges to secure funds for the growing infrastructure demand and lack of funds has stalled key initiatives too. The constraints on investment, especially attracting private investment in infrastructure, include problems of project selection and preparation, implementation risks, the need to translate sound economic rates of return into financial returns, and intermediation challenges.

Invest in this 3-day conference which will showcase high profile speakers and regional mix of case studies that will demonstrate ways to ensure how infrastructure projects can attract investor participation in financing the project. Moreover, in-depth Innovative financing strategies and discussions will generate ideas for participants to assist them in preparing bankable projects to attract more investments and private sector participation.

Marcus Evans Group Jul 24 - Jul 25, 2017 Singapore 10%     
Powering Africa: Nigeria

The 6th annual Powering Africa: Nigeria meeting is a premium private sector-led and finance focused summit on investment strategies, bringing together Nigeria’s electricity supply industry, local finance institutions, IPP and NIPP investors, power developers and international financiers to release capital in Nigeria’s transforming power sector. EnergyNet will welcome 250 decision-makers including DFIs, banks, developers and EPCs to discuss what is needed to fully support and enable the transformation of Nigeria's electricity sector in the medium to long term. For more information, please visit the 
Powering Africa: Nigeria website or email PA-N@energynet.co.uk.

Energy Net Sep 20 - Oct 22, 2017 Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, Nigeria 20%     
The African Real Estate & Infrastructure Summit

The African Real Estate & Infrastructure Summit see’s African real estate and infrastructure development projects showcased and discussed in an exhibition and conference format. The summit will assist investors seeking their next investment on the African continent within real estate and infrastructure. The conference will see 400 leading real estate professionals, in both private and public sectors, open dialogue and discuss Africa's rapid urbanisation challenges with a focus on 4 key pillars namely Urban Development, Mobility, Housing and Technology.

This year we are expecting 400-500 high-level decision making delegates who will be attending to view projects and speak to the project owners. With the support of Wesgro, who will use the platform as an investment week, the summit will also see leading investment promotional agencies attend and discuss their land opportunities within their respective regions.

Spintelligent, Clarion Events Sep 27 - Sep 28, 2017 Cape Town 15%e     
Pacific Alliance Energy Forum

The Growing Economies: Pacific Alliance Energy Forum gathers the country members of the Pacific Alliance - Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Chile – to further the group’s evolving energy agenda and explore the new market opportunities arising from increasing regional engagement. The meeting brings together energy regulators, public sector leaders, investors and financiers looking to strengthen their presence in the emerging Pacific Alliance energy market. For more information visit the
Pacific Alliance Energy Forum website or email LATAM@energynet.co.uk

Energy Net Sep 28 - Oct 29, 2017 Cartagena, Colombia 20%     
Power Week Conference

POWER WEEK, 13 - 17 November 2017, Singapore is designed for the global electric power & energy industry, POWER WEEK provides 5 days of networking opportunities, consisting of 2-day conference, 6 workshops, multiple case studies, expert views, and valuable insights on market outlook.

Meet your industry peers from electricity regulators, national power companies, renewable & IPPs, investors and suppliers - all at one platform. With valuable insights on power market economics, policy & regulations, technology transfer, environmental impacts, fuel supply sources, renewable / hydro / gas to power developments, PPAs, investment & financing, smart grid, energy storage, power contracts, etc.

Infocus International Group Nov 13 - Nov 17, 2017 Singapore2 20%     
2nd Annual ASEAN Solar+ Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2017

2nd Annual ASEAN Solar+ Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2017 is the largest congress focusing on solar and energy storage market in ASEAN. The event will take place in Manila, the capital of Philippines, on November 14-15, 2017. Investors over the world are gradually realizing the potentials of energy storage market in ASEAN, especially Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. Participants from governments, utilities, independent energy producers, energy storage products manufacturers, consulting companies, associate as well as other related sectors are invited to together discuss applications, opportunities and challenges for solar and energy storage development in ASEAN market.

Leader Group Nov 14 - Nov 15, 2017 Manila, Philippines2 20%     
Africa Renewable Energy Forum

The 2nd annual Africa Renewable Energy Forum (ARF) will return to Marrakech from 30th November-1st December 2017. Following the inaugural instalment of the Africa Renewable Energy Forum held in November 2016, this meeting will once again bring together the public and private sector to drive forward the development of renewable energy projects across the continent. For more information please visit the Africa Renewable Energy Forum website or email ARF@energynet.co.uk

Energy Net Nov 30 - Dec 01, 2017 Marrakech 20%