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Institutional investors today traverse complex, dynamic, and at-times perilous markets to provide for the essential retirement, health care, arts, and social service needs of their beneficiaries and organizations. The singular skill sets of individual asset managers that have served these funds in the last century may no longer prove capable of achieving the risk and return goals of institutional investors on their own.

FIS Group offers an integrated and comprehensive investment approach. We harness the investment edge, focus, and high conviction portfolio structure of proven entrepreneurial managers in a tested strategic and macro-driven tactical framework. The result is customized client solutions that are flexible, sustainable, and empirically grounded.

Since 1996, our 100% employee-owned organization has been focused steadily on achieving investment success for its clients. Portfolios are tailored to maximize the potential for above-benchmark risk-adjusted performance. We accomplish this through insightful portfolio strategy, precise manager selection, and tactical management that is responsive to market conditions and opportunities.


Title: Global Equity Analyst

Adam Choppin

Adam Choppin is a global equity analyst at FIS Group, a $5bn Philadelphia-based manager-of-managers specializing in emerging and entrepreneurial managers. FIS serves its primarily institutional clientele by capturing the alpha of undiscovered managers through cost-efficient solutions. Mr. Choppin joined FIS in May 2013 where he is the primary analyst for emerging and frontier markets strategies on both the manager research and investment strategy teams. Mr. Choppin is also on the leadership team of the Association of Professional Fund Investors as its Lead Representative for North America.

From 2008-2013, Mr. Choppin founded and ran a boutique investment advisory firm which advised on private investments in South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Previously, Mr. Choppin worked for several U.S. Government agencies including as a trade and economic affairs liaison in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cape Verde, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Mozambique. Most notably, in 2008 he organized the first official U.S. Government trade mission to Iraq in over 25 years.

Mr. Choppin earned his B.A. in International Relations from the University of Southern California (USC); his M.A. in International Economics and Business from Yale University; and a post-graduate Diploma in Finance from the London School of Economics. While a student at USC, Mr. Choppin also read in Latin American economics and politics at the Universidade de São Paulo. He speaks Portuguese and Spanish.

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