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InVcap is an Investment Manager that provides accredited Investors access to investment opportunities in the frontier markets of Africa. Our investment focus is driven by the high growth opportunities in the Frontier Markets, representing a total of 17 of the 20 fastest growing economies in the world. Invcap is licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) with Investment teams in Toronto and Nigeria. Its InVcap Private Equity Fund (IPEF I) is registered, domiciled and administered from Mauritius and is FSC regulated. 

InVcap participates in the developmental processes of the businesses we support. It partners with these companies by making equity investments, availing the capital required, and providing professional advisory services to function effectively. 

InVcap invests in companies that operate in Emerging Markets with a focus on West Africa. It is active in business environments that are characterized by limited competition--where Africa has a comparative advantage. This is a strategy that ensures diversification within the InVcap investment portfolio and provides investors with above average, risk-adjusted returns.

InVcap Private Equity Fund (IPEF I) 

IPEF I is a US$ 100million fund. It is registered, domiciled, and administered from Mauritius and regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius. The Fund launches in 2014 and will make equity investments in the high-growth sectors of West Africa highlighted above. The fund targets a gross IRR of 25% and a GP commitment of 2%. Investment size is US$5m, with follow on financing of US$2.5m-US$5m for a term of 5 to 7 years. The fund aims to start investing from Nigeria and Ghana where it has presence and experience. 70% of investments target the West African markets and will ensure funds diversification whilst capitalizing on the huge opportunities. 



As a Specialist Investment Manager, InVcap aims to enhance the value and quality of investments in local firms while creating wealth for its Investors. To this end:

We perform the role of fund raiser. InVcap understands the invaluable position of financial intermediaries in origination and developing attractive investment opportunities. We leverage our relationship with partners to provide efficient funding options that meet the needs of our clients.

We act as an investment catalyst. Our group of advisors identify investment opportunities, initiate and facilitate the full process of conceptualizing and managing projects - from start. Our goal at InVcap is to nurture small businesses, cottage industries and next-generation corporations that generate revenue, pay taxes, thus facilitate economic development through “partnerships” that we build.
The calibre of management and technical experts within the InVcap group ensure the realization of these goals in Africa.

InVcap's interest in the African markets is driven by its potential to develop at a very fast pace. The average economic growth rate across Africa exceeds the rate in the developed world. Several African countries are also outpacing other BRIC countries and this trend is expected to continue in the medium to long term.


InVcap makes investment in companies with meaningful competitive advantage, seeking expansion and developmental opportunities in the high growth sectors of Frontier Africa. We partner in ventures where the underlying fundamentals are positive generators for return, rather than situations where aggressive structuring, financial engineering or leverage is required to create value in our investment.

The African Investment Environment

Institutional Investors and High net worth individuals (HNIs) are refocusing investments in Africa's private equity (PEs) opportunities on account of recent losses suffered from a downturn in stock markets and a 'yet to' recover global economy. The confidence in the Frontier Markets of Africa is engendered by the potentially high returns and the agility (flexibility and speed) with which PEs can identify and respond to investment opportunities as and when they occur. 

Given the current low rate of returns in the developed economies of the world, Frontiers such as Africa represent a viable market for economic rent particularly in markets where the risks can be successfully managed.


InVcap's focus for investment is in Infrastructure, both primary, related critical peripheral or “last mile” infrastructure, in sectors such as commercial real estate,  financial services, and energy (electric power). 

Our investment criteria and goals ensures that we focus on investment in businesses within the following industry sectors:

Infrastructure: Energy infrastructure and support services
Real Estate: Shopping Malls, Condominiums, Residential and Commercial properties, 
Tourism: Hotel Chains, Parks and Resorts, and Game reserves
Consumer: Chain stores, Consumables, Non-perishable products
Retail: Small businesses looking to invest in retail franchises.
Financial Services: Industry consolidations, Commercial banks, Insurance, Ancillary banking services (ATMs)
Services and Logistics: Deregulation, Privatization- Foreign expansion.


African economies are looking to restructure and a robust private sector is developing in some of these economies providing to Investors a veritable opportunity to partner in the growth phase. 

Despite the positive outlook for African growth, risks and challenges occasioned by civil strife and weak governance still exist but the challenges are not unmitigatable. 

Our top-down approach to investment,  the testimonials of several investors who have some impressive and successful outcomes from their investments tell the African story. Many of such companies are in the telecommunications, resort management, hotel franchises and the energy sector.


Title: Managing Partner

Olu Oyelade

Managing Partner

Olu is the Managing Partner and Chairs the Management Investment Committee at InVcap. She oversees the management of the firm’s private equity and funds and has responsibility for business development and investment strategy.Her career in the financial industry spans over 20 years’ with extensive experience in Investment Banking, Global transaction banking, Structured Finance and International Trade and Treasury.

As Group Executive of Investment management at Intercontinental Group between 2007 and 2009, Olu managed IBG’s fund portfolio of $8bn and had responsibility for Funds investments. As Vice President, in Treasury and Funds Management she was involved in the development and evaluation of the 5-year strategic plan for the group. At various times she was a member of the credit and Investment committee with the responsibility for group-wide fund investment and fixed income sales. She was directly involved in the approval process of more than 250 financial sector investment deals. As Group Treasurer she was involved in the successful fund-raise of $1.3bn in debts and equity from the global markets in 2009.

Her career has taken her to different countries including UK and France where as a Senior Management Intern at BNP Paribas, she understudied the Investment Management and Asset trading group as part of the process for managing the national Foreign Assets Stock (Foreign Reserves). As Vice President Operations at Casa Developments, she supervised the strategic planning, expansion and business development for the group. Olu holds an MBA from the University of Ife, a Bachelors degree in Philosophy and is a graduate of Wharton School’s Advanced Management program, IMD Switzerland’s Business Marketing and Lagos Business School’s (with IESE Spain) Senior Management program. She is a CPD UK certified Advanced Investment Manager. Olu has just completed her Doctorate degree in Management at University of Maryland (College).

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