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LR Global is a boutique, independent frontier market specialist founded in 1997.  LR Global is headquartered in New York City with a research center in Vietnam and additional analysts located in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

LR Global’s competitive advantages come from its experience, manpower, investment process/systems and relationships.  The experience from investing in frontier markets for over 17 years helps LR Global avoid many of the pitfalls of investing in this unique asset class as well as the needed insight in designing an investment process and infrastructure specifically tailored to these markets.  LR Global’s investment process and systems, which utilize both fundamental and quantitative disciplines, are designed to reduce biases and increase the repeatability of long-term, risk-adjusted returns.  LR Global leverages the manpower from its 20 person research team to systematically monitor and report key economic, political, market, and sector-specific news flow/trends.  This efficient aggregation of data allows LR Global to overcome the informational challenges present in frontier markets.  The relationships LR Global has built over the past 17-years also provide an edge in triangulating the full investment landscape for each investment during due diligence and on-going monitoring.  These factors form the backbone of LR Global’s informational edge and provide for a unique product offering for frontier markets. 

As one of the first institutional investors in frontier markets, LR Global has a 17-year track record of success in these exciting markets.  With this experience, and the development of innovative tools, LR Global continues to be an industry leader in frontier markets.

LR Global Team

Sean Wilson, CFA – Managing Principal

Mr. Wilson joined LR Global in 2005 as a Principal and Chief Investment Officer. Mr. Wilson oversees the investment
strategy of the LR Global Frontier Fund, splitting time between New York and our Hanoi office. During his nearly ten years
with the firm, he has built its current investment processes, research department, quantitative tools, and portfolio risk model,
and has conducted many research studies specific to Frontier Markets investing.

Mr. Wilson began his career as a quantitative analyst and foreign exchange traded at Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co.
(GMO). After a two-year period with Phoenix Investment Council as an international equity analyst, he joined Rockefeller &
Co. as an international equity analyst and subsequently made managing director, where his responsibilities included director
of research and portfolio manager. Before joining LR Global, he was a senior portfolio manager at Columbia Management
Group managing several billion dollars in assets under management.

These positions, and the over 1000 companies visited during his career prior to LR Global, prepared him for the diversity of
Frontier Markets and provided a deep understanding of both quantitative and fundamental analytical disciplines. During his
past 24 years working in the investment industry, Mr. Wilson managed a diverse set of portfolios including Japanese Small
Capitalization, U.S. Large Capitalization, International and Shariah-compliant funds.

Mr. Wilson is deeply familiar with financial market bubbles and downturns. He managed a Japanese portfolio after the
Japanese bubble in the early 1990s, an international portfolio during the currency crisis of the late 1990s, a U.S. portfolio
during the information technology bubble of the early 2000s, and a Frontier Markets portfolio during the financial crisis of
2008. The breadth and depth of Mr. Wilson’s experience has been instrumental in creating the information flow, tools and
processes used in the firm’s approach to such a unique and diverse asset class.

Mr. Wilson received his B.S. in Finance from Northeastern University in 1990 and is a Chartered Financial Analyst

Brent Clayton, CFA – Portfolio Manager

Mr. Clayton is a portfolio manager and member of the Portfolio Management Team. Mr. Clayton joined LR Global in 2007

as an equity analyst. In 2012, he was made Portfolio Manager and is responsible for directing the firm’s fundamental
research efforts globally as Head of Research.

Mr. Clayton has developed a deep understanding of the Frontier Markets investment landscape over the past seven years.
Having conducted management due diligence interviews with over 450 Frontier Markets companies as well as fundamental
research and analysis on numerous additional frontier names across all sectors, Mr. Clayton has built an extensive Frontier
Markets expertise across the more than 50 countries we invest in. Mr. Clayton has developed a range of information and
data aggregation tools and processes tailored to the unique information challenges of Frontier Markets investing that leverage
the manpower and efforts of our fundamental research team. He also directs the team overseas in support of our security
analysis, financial modelling and valuation of potential and current portfolio positions.

Mr. Clayton received a B.A., cum laude, from Dartmouth College in 2007 with a concentration in Political Science, and is a
Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder.

Albert Yuen, CFA – Portfolio Manager

Mr. Yuen joined LR Global in 2011 as a portfolio manager and is a member of the Portfolio Management Team.

Mr. Yuen’s over ten years of investment management experience has had a particular focus on the financial service sector.
This sector is of high importance in Frontier Markets as it represents the largest sector in terms of number of companies in
our investment universe. Prior to LR Global, Mr. Yuen was a portfolio manager at Rockefeller & Co. on its Global Financial
Recovery Fund, a fund focused on the international financial services sector. In his seven years at Rockefeller & Co., Mr.
Yuen also worked as a senior analyst on its Global Equity Fund, covering an array of sectors and markets. Mr. Yuen’s career
has been founded on the rigorous bottom-up fundamental analysis discipline that is core to both Rockefeller & Co. as well as
LR Global.

Mr. Yuen received a B.S. in Finance from Northeastern University in 2004 and is a Chartered Financial Analyst


Title: Managing Principal

Don LaGuardia, CPA

Managing Principal

Mr. LaGuardia is a founder of LR Global and a member of the Portfolio Management Team. Mr. LaGuardia is a pioneer in

Frontier Market investing with over 17 years of experience navigating these obscure and nascent markets. Having traveled
to, and invested in, more than 50 countries, he is a passionate believer in the value of global relationships and local insight in
navigating the diverse set of Frontier Markets.

Mr. LaGuardia has witnessed firsthand the rapid growth and development that is occurring in the Frontier Markets. He has
experienced full market cycles across the Frontier Market universe and has developed a keen understanding for the
opportunities, pitfalls, and nuances of these markets.

Previously, he was an equity analyst at Rockefeller & Co., the family office for the Rockefeller family. Prior to joining
Rockefeller & Co., Mr. LaGuardia spent six years at BMW of North America as a research and financial analyst. Prior to his
employment with BMW, Mr. LaGuardia spent five years as an auditor at PriceWaterhouse.

Mr. LaGuardia received his B.S. in Public Accounting from Pace University in 1989 and his M.B.A. in International Finance
from New York University. In 1992, he received his Certified Public Accountant designation.

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