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The Firm

Puente Pacífico is a business advisory firm that counsels clients on cross-border investments in Latin America.

The Firm adds value to transaction origination, structuring, execution and management in Latin America with a combination of diverse analytical skills, cross-cultural know-how and a broad network of contacts throughout the region and abroad.

To assist clients with the identification and management of cross-border investment risk, Puente Pacifico also prepares research reports and designs analytical products. 

Firm leadership has experience working on transactions with a combined value of billions of dollars and has represented or worked with some of the world’s largest corporations, financial institutions and law firms.

Puente Pacífico also has extensive experience working with different countries and cultures and facility in numerous languages, helping to unite investors with investments.

Firm Philosophy

Puente Pacífico is guided by several core values and principles. 

The Firm is deeply committed to its clients. This commitment is expressed through careful analysis of clients' business objectives and single-minded dedication to help clients achieve those objectives.

Puente Pacífico is committed to providing the highest levels of analysis and transaction execution support possible. To do so, the Firm challenges itself, on a daily basis, to build its knowledge and improve its core skills.

To create business solutions, the Firm is committed to strength of thought rather than a particular analytical discipline. Rather than look at problems from a single perspective, the Firm stresses intellectual rigor and creativity to find what works.

The Firm is committed to building firm, client and community value. This is targeted through constantly raising the bar of what is possible, working with relentless drive and setting high standards of integrity, thinking and performance.

Firm Partners

In addition to the Firm's base of operations in Santiago, Chile, through relationships or alliances Puente Pacífico also has significant reach outside of Latin America.

The analysis and execution of cross-border transactions often benefits from multi-disciplinary cross-border teams. The Firm has developed relationships with numerous professional advisory firms in Latin America that can add value to transactions.

Puente Pacífico also actively strives to develop relationships with industry organizations and academic institutions to conduct research and develop best practices which can be used to improve market analysis, investment execution and risk management.


Title: CEO and Founder

Darin Bifani

CEO and Founder

Darin Bifani is the CEO and Founder of Puente Pacífico Investment Advisory Ltda. Prior to forming Puente Pacífico he was Managing Director, Regional Counsel of Cushman & Wakefield Capital Asia, a real estate investment banking and asset management platform based in Asia. Prior to this he worked in the corporate finance and real estate departments of several international law firms, including Sullivan & Cromwell, Paul Hastings and Baker & McKenzie. He was also seconded for substantial periods of time to GE Capital and Lehman Brothers. He is the author of the book “Managing BRIC Real Estate Investment Risk” and has published over thirty articles on business and legal topics. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Buffalo Law School and summa cum laude from the State University of New York at Albany.

Puente Pacífico is a business advisory firm based in Santiago, Chile. The firm advises on clients on sourcing, structuring and executing investments and other corporate transactions in Latin America. In addition to investment and transactional work, the firm also conducts research and designs tools to help clients analyze, quantify and manage investment risk.

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