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Sovereign Intelligence LLC  is a global risk consultancy providing strategic guidance and counsel to sophisticated clients. Sovereign Intelligence blends state-of-the- art proprietary cyber intelligence technology with organic human-derived information to provide our clients the intelligence and security necessary to safely navigate the global economy.

At Sovereign Intelligence, we help clients manage risk by anticipating and responding to an array of internal and external threats. Whether enabling Due Diligence in support of mergers or acquisitions, business intelligence in emerging markets, or cyber security against unauthorized disclosures and breaches, Sovereign Intelligence provides clients sophisticated and discreet solutions to complex problems.


Our firm consists of experienced public and private sector individuals with global acumen in human terrain and cyber intelligence, forensics, corporate investigations, security, legal, and financial complexities. Our trusted team of advisors and intelligence professionals are committed to developing personal, lasting partnerships with our clients. By uniquely blending both human and cyber intelligence, we strive to provide the most dynamic and informative due diligence products available.


Our global reach is enhanced by a worldwide professional network of vetted contacts with ethical collections capabilities within Asia and the Middle East North Africa regions including: Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, Seoul, Jakarta, Bangkok, Vladivostok, and Tokyo, as well as Riyadh, Baghdad, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Islamabad, and Cairo.


Intelligence is critical to the success of any business. Whether supporting mergers and acquisitions or guiding investments in new and emerging markets, business intelligence enables companies to anticipate and mitigate risks that can be the difference between success and failure.

At Sovereign Intelligence, we provide our clients the competitive advantage through sophisticated business intelligence products, derived from state-of-the-art proprietary technology. This technology enables our clients access to access to terabytes of otherwise inaccessible data. Our business intelligence products can be tailored to meet the needs of any client and can include anything from profiles of target companies to C-suite leadership profiles. Let us match your needs with our capabilities.


Business intelligence is vitally important in the field of due diligence. Businesses need actionable information, both tactical and strategic in nature, which empowers ethical decision-making. At Sovereign Intelligence, we provide strategic counsel on foreign investment, due diligence, transactional risk analysis, and market intelligence. International markets are plagued with disputed transparency, material misrepresentations, and corruption. Our experience in international federal investigations provides clients with a comprehensive approach to due diligence by identifying and verifying evidence of potential conflicts, illicit financing, and fraud.


Bribery remains a common practice in much of the developing world. Regardless, looking the other way or conscience avoidance does not diminish a business’ responsibility for the risk. At Sovereign Intelligence we help our clients avoid the pitfalls of the FCPA by conducting comprehensive FCPA assessments and investigations.


Few threats are as pervasive and costly as those emanating from cyber space. Whether carried out by an insider threat the likes of Edward Snowden or by state-sponsored cyber actors, defending your financial and intellectual property in cyber space is an absolute must in today’s global economy.

At Sovereign Intelligence, we enable our clients access to state-of-the-art proprietary cyber intelligence tools capable of identifying such internal and external threats. Whether monitoring intellectual property in cyberspace or responding to breaches or external attacks, these proprietary tools enable our clients peace of mind. Cyber space is changing by the day, keep your business protected with the most sophisticated cyber security tools available on the market.


Industrial espionage has been estimated to have cost U.S. corporations $13 billion dollars in recent years, devastating corporate ventures in emerging markets and undermining research and development. At Sovereign Intelligence we support our clients through an array of discreet cyber investigations involving allegations of internal espionage, fraud, embezzlement, theft of intellectual property, cyber breaches, asset recovery, whistleblower investigations, and insider threats.


Perception is often truth. We are living in an age, where according to the Reputation Institute, “who you are matters more than what you produce.” At Sovereign Intelligence, we will partner with your firm to protect your brand name and provide unique and valuable oversight of your internet reputation. In cases where your brand name has been tarnished, we will work to enhance and rebuild your brand through the use of sophisticated proprietary technology. Don’t let fraudulent or libelous language hurt your business.


Title: CEO

Mark Johnson


Mark Johnson, CEO of Sovereign Intelligence LLC, former Special Agent for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service since 2003, represents domestic and international law firms, accounting and equity groups, providing strategic counsel on foreign investment, complex FCPA investigations, M&A due diligence, emerging technology acquisitions, and competitive intelligence.

Mr. Johnson held a Top Secret security clearance and has been briefed into numerous special programs within the intelligence community. Mr. Johnson served as an NCIS Senior Staff Counterintelligence Officer in support of the USN’s Advanced Sensor Technologies Program, providing CI solutions while working closely with defense contracting firms.

Mr. Johnson has received advanced counterintelligence operations training from the Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy, Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Central Intelligence Agency and served as a certified Case Officer conducting Offensive Counterintelligence Operations against US adversaries in support of strategic and tactical U.S. Navy (USN) requirements for 5 years in Asia.

By collecting human intelligence through the clandestine recruitment and handling of sources, Mr. Johnson developed an extensive network of professional contacts in Japan, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Bahrain, Qatar, and Iraq. While working in Tokyo, Japan, Mr. Johnson established the Office of Naval Research Global briefing program for USN scientists traveling to international technology conferences in Asia, analyzing emerging technology trends, military satellite communications, and oceanography. While serving as NCIS’s representative to Russia, Mr. Johnson established an integral relationship with counterparts in the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) conducting joint counter-terrorism exercises and advising USN 7th Fleet Commands during numerous port visits.

Mr. Johnson has advised USN Commands and U.S. Embassy leadership on sensitive matters relating to sovereign wealth funds, high energy weapons, nanotechnology, financial networks, cyber security, force protection and Foreign Intelligence Service operations and methods, directly influencing USN and National Security policy. While serving as a Special Agent, Mr. Johnson conducted comprehensive assault, fraud, espionage, and death investigations employing informants, surveillance, wire taps, searches, seizure of evidence, interviews and interrogations for the successful prosecution of U.S. Code and Uniform Code of Military Justice violators among U.S. Marine and Naval service members.

Mr. Johnson deployed to Baghdad, Iraq to conduct special operations in support of the Strategic Counterintelligence Directorate (SCID), implementing operations focusing on foreign fighter smuggling routes, and extremist political organizations, resulting in the capture of an Al Qaeda in Iraq cell leader responsible for the largest vehicle born IED surge in Baghdad, and the detainment of two tier-one high-value individuals (HVI’s) in support of Multi-National F!orces-Iraq (MNFI) Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Prior to joining NCIS, Mr. Johnson practiced law for six years as a criminal defense attorney, handling federal and state crimes for an AV rated firm, and managed his own firm advising small business owners in real estate transactions, corporate law, bankruptcy and estate planning. Mr. Johnson’s interest in the law and international community began while interning at the White House, Department of Justice-Bureau of Justice Statistics, the 26th Prosecutorial District of NC and leading several mission trips to the Dominican Republic.

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