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The Sturgeon has been in existence for some 200 million years, compared to the human race which has been in existence for a mere 1 million. Over that period the Sturgeon has faced countless challenges to its existence but still it has managed to survive. Not only is the Sturgeon the very definition of resilience, adaptability, and triumph over adversity, it is highly regarded for its roe or eggs: Caviar. The best of these can be found in the Caspian Sea in Central Asia.

At Sturgeon Capital we strive to emulate the characteristics of our namesake. Through our extensive and thorough research process we have since 2006 navigated the harsh and challenging investment landscape of the Central Asian Frontier Markets and more recently for other developed markets. The results are the exclusive investment opportunities we provide access to for our investors, our protection of their capital, and superior long term returns.

We believe that superior returns may only be generated by independent thinking and extensive research. Independent thinking means avoiding the herd mentality, constantly questioning commonly accepted hypotheses and, most importantly, seizing opportunities that are below the radar screen and off the beaten track.

Information is sourced both through our local “antenna” networks and contacts, and our constant country and company visits. However, we also feel that with increasing correlations between global markets and asset classes it is important to focus on global macro-economic and political development as well.

Finally we believe in avoiding conflict of interest. One of the most important ways that we do so is by investing our own money alongside investors on exactly the same terms.

Why Sturgeon Capital’s Central Asia Funds?

The economies of Central Asia, which we define from West to East as Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia, are all showing strong GDP growth. In 2014, the World Bank projects that the average GDP growth for regional economies will be +8%, with economies such as Mongolia and Uzbekistan posting much higher numbers. The region has an abundance of natural resources, and in contrast with other commodity exporting markets, production across the board continues to increase year-on-year, with costs of extraction much lower in Central Asia than for most global peers. Centrally located bordering China on the East, India on the South, Europe on the West, and Russia to the North, the region and its increasing wealth, is of has always been of significant geopolitical importance. As investors we are focused particularly on opportunities linked to the rapidly expanding middle classes in these countries, their growing disposable income, and most importantly underdeveloped capital markets with very cheap valuations for securities.

Sturgeon Capital now manages three distinct Central Asia-focused funds:

Sturgeon Central Asia Equities Fund: a UCITS IV-compliant Luxembourg SICAV investing in listed equities of Central Asian companies, mostly listed in developed markets;
Sturgeon Central Asia Balanced Fund:  a Bermuda-based fund which invests in both regionally and internationally listed equities and up to 20% fixed income;
Sturgeon Central Asia Fund: Cayman-based fund which was the flagship multi-strategy fund that founded Sturgeon Capital, which is now being re-structured into a stand-alone private equity fund focused on Central Asia.


Title: Founder and CEO

Clemente Cappello

Founder and CEO

Clemente Cappello is Founder and CEO of Sturgeon Capital. He has an 8 year continuous track record of investing in the region and has developed an intimate knowledge of the investment universe across each of the strategies employed. Clemente holds a degree in Business Administration and Finance from Bocconi University. Before founding Sturgeon he worked as an analyst for Haussmann Holdings, and has previously worked at HSBC, Bear Stearns and Goldman Sachs. Clemente was awarded “Rising Star of Hedge Funds” in 2008 by Institutional Investor and has been quoted by the Financial Times, New York Times, Bloomberg, Fox News and other media outlets as an expert on Central Asian markets.

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