What is EMIA

Mission Statement

The Emerging Market Investor’s Association was founded to provide a central hub for information, education, and networking for both investors and investment professionals as emerging markets becoming an ever increasing percentage of global portfolios. By becoming a member of EMIA, firms will be participating in an exchange of information, whilst organically increasing transparency within the industry. By providing a central location for emerging market investment news, data, vetted advisors, consultants and funds within the industry, investors can enter the market with a higher level of confidence, sophistication and knowledge.

First and foremost we wish to increase transparency within emerging market investment industry for four main reasons:

Nurture emerging market growth

With a greater supply of information, education and interinvestment dialog we as an industry can do our part to foster productive and sustainable growth in the emerging economies. By investing with best practices in mind, liaising with local governments, these economies can continue to provide excellent returns whilst benefiting the local population

Increase investor returns

By constantly speaking with all manner of emerging market investment professionals and giving them global exposure we can create a fair and efficient marketplace where all global investors and investment professionals can share in common information regarding emerging market macroeconomics, political risk, regulatory environment and changes, as well as specific fund/vehicle information, new launches, top managers and sectors. With greater insight into these markets investors and investment professionals can increase efficiency and returns on allocations and portfolio selection.regulatory body, returns, etc etc.”

Clarify global perception of emerging markets

Most of the globes information is transmitted through some form of media and when that media is centered around conflict, tragedy, and political unrest, we are given a skewed perception of a country and an even more inaccurate portrait of local investment environments. Despite the fact these events are happening, so is business, trade, and positive investment. Through creating greater transparency we want to replace emotional responses, “I saw it on the news, XYZ country is dangerous, thus I don’t want to invest” with educated responses “XYZ country has had a stable government, a financial regulatory body, returns, etc etc.”

Reduce Fraudulent Activity

As any emerging market investor knows the first thing to consider when making a foreign investment is a local partner, this may very well be a fund manager, or GP, regardless, you need someone who knows the lay of the land. By providing a vetted and entralized group of professionals we can pool our understanding, warn other members of unsavory persons, or opportunities, really unify to improve both the industry and the perception of it for both professionals and investors.