Carbon Transition Initiative : The Role of Buildings in Carbon Transition

EMIA’s Carbon Transition Initiative conducted its webinar dedicated to the role of buildings and construction in carbon transition. Real estate is a significant contributor to GHG emissions. They are generated at various stages of the life cycle of a building, including production of materials, design and constructions, operations, and its end of life. 

EMIA invited two experts, Andrew Himes from the Carbon Leadership Forum at the University of Washington and Jeff Thiel from Carbon Innovations, to speak about various aspects of this topic. They paid special attention to the often overlooked embodied carbon and talked about new technologies and processes that can reduce and eventually eliminate carbon emissions from buildings. 

This event provided useful information to investors who are looking at this asset class and want to contribute to its transition to a net-zero future.

The webinar was moderated by Pavel Laberko, Director, Carbon Transition Initiative, EMIA.