Consumer Staples Program: The Global Plastics Crisis and Implications for the Food and Beverage Industry 

Global plastic waste generation has more than doubled over the past two decades, posing serious threats at all levels. The plastics lifecycle contributes significantly to global carbon emissions and public health issues related to toxic chemicals and air pollution. Besides its environmental and human health threats, plastic pollution has resulted in lost economic value ranging between $80 and $120 billion.

In this webinar, Rosa Pritchard from ClientEarth will explore the global plastics crisis, the role of plastic packaging in perpetuating the problem and offer solutions. She will discuss best practices and help investors understand the requirements they should demand of food and beverage companies. Additionally, she will present existing investor activities focusing on European multinationals to demonstrate the positive contributions institutional investors can make.

The webinar will also feature Miko Aliño from Break Free From Plastics, who will present the most problematic form of plastic packaging used by South East Asia’s food and consumer goods sector. 


Rosa Pritchard, Plastics Lawyer, Client Earth

Miko Aliño, Project Coordinator for Corporate Accountability, Break Free From Plastics

Nadine Cavusoglu, Director of Consumer Staples Program, EMIA (moderator)