ESG Initiative: Old Mutual Investment Group’s Approach to their Domestic Market Net Zero Targets

There is a significant challenge when looking at decarbonizing a portfolio in the context of a small, carbon heavy market. But domestic investors need and want to remain invested.  

EMIA will host Waleed Hendricks and Safiya Karjiker, both from Old Mutual Investment Group, to discuss Old Mutual's strategy for achieving their net-zero targets in the South African equity market. As they navigate the challenges that the South African market presents, they are actively developing a distinctive benchmark that could serve as a model for other emerging markets.


Waleed Hendricks, Head of Quantitative ESG Research, Old Mutual Investment Group

Safiya Karjiker, ESG Analyst, Old Mutual Investment Group 

Claire Meier Underhill, Head of Memberships & Partnerships, EMIA (moderator)