Health, Education, and Human Rights Program: The New World Bank ESG Data Portal - How to Understand Indicators About Health, Education and Human Rights in a Broader Socio-Economic Context

How can investors put indicators regarding health, education, and other human rights into a country’s broader socio-economic context and get a better understanding of their meaning?  

The World Bank’s Sovereign ESG Data Portal (BETA) framework has enjoyed wide adoption in the industry and is one of the most used datasets for sovereign ESG. They updated and added more functionality to the data portal recently. The new version has 40 additional indicators and includes measures that give context to the ESG indicators.
EMIA hosted a webinar together with the World Bank to help investors understand and use the new framework. The webinar concentrated on the new indicators for Economic and Social Rights that relate to health and education. The webinar will explore how various indicators relate to each other and how to put them into the broader socioeconomic context of the country.  This will help identify specific countries’ vulnerabilities and suggest corrective measures to reduce these vulnerabilities.

Bryan Gurhy, Senior Financial Sector Specialist, World Bank

Dieter Wang, Sustainable Finance Specialist, World Bank

Uwe Schillhorn, Director, Health, Education, and Human Rights Program, EMIA (moderator)