Materials Program: Hazardous Chemicals – What Is the Problem and What Can Investors and Governments Do About It?

EMIA and its newly launched Materials Program are delighted to announce the first webinar dedicated to this sector. It will be focused on the chemicals industry, specifically on hazardous chemicals, their effects on health, and the environment. We will look at best practice examples in policy making, company practices, and recommendations for governments and investors.
We have invited Sonja Haider and Patrik Witkowsky from ChemSec, an independent not-for-profit organization working to push governments and businesses to transition from toxic chemicals to safer alternatives. This NGO unites a team of chemists, political scientists and business experts, so the webinar participants will have a unique opportunity to ask questions to experts. Sonja and Patrik will also present ChemScore, which is a useful tool that investors can use to screen and assess chemical producers.

The webinar is open to EMIA members, partners, and affiliates; financial professionals; civil society and multilateral ESG experts; and national governments and publicly listed companies staff.


Sonja Haider, Senior Business and Investors Advisor at ChemSec

Patrick Witkowsky, Sustainable Finance Advisor at ChemSec

Pavel Laberko, Director of the Materials Program, EMIA (moderator)