Materials Program: Sustainability Challenges - Pulp and Paper Industries

EMIA and its newly launched Materials Program are happy to announce its second webinar dedicated to this sector. It will be focused on the paper and forest products industry, specifically on deforestation, relevant risks and opportunities for investors, and the regulatory environment. 

At our webinar, Tim Steinweg from Rainforest Foundation Norway and Ann Meoni from abrdn discuss the causes and effects of deforestation. Implications for investors were highlighted using a case study based on Indonesia’s pulp and paper industry. They also use the example of recent EU legislation to explore the regulatory developments that are likely to evolve across the world.


Pavel Laberko, Director of the Extractive Industries Program, EMIA


Ann Meoni, Senior Sustainability Analyst – Natural capital, abrdn

Tim Steinweg, Senior Responsible Finance Adviser, Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN)

Samuel Bevan, Investment Director – EMD, abrdn (moderator)