Sovereign Decarbonization Program : Beyond Glasgow: Meeting Climate Ambition with Climate Finance

At COP26 in Glasgow, a major, and recurring point of discussion was on how increasingly ambitious commitments from countries on global climate goals are going to be financed. What’s clear is that support from developed to developing countries is not keeping up with what countries need to achieve low carbon, climate resilient growth trajectories.

On November 4th, The Alliance hosted Jahan Chowdhury, Director of Country Engagement for the NDC Partnership Support Unit. He provided a glimpse of how the Partnership supports developing countries, implements and achieves their NDCs, and also discussed how emerging markets investors can interpret and track NDCs, as well as coordinate with countries and other development partners to accelerate climate action through expanded access to financing.

The event was moderated by Barbara Oldani, Director, Sovereign Decarbonization Program, Emerging Markets Investors Alliance. The webinar was open to emerging markets financial professionals only. 

Jahan Chowdhury is the Country Engagement Director for the NDC Partnership Support Unit based in Washington, DC. In this role, Jahan works with government ministries and other stakeholders to support countries in achieving climate commitments under the Paris Agreement. He is in charge of engaging NDC Partners to respond to country needs to ensure assistance is coordinated and delivered with speed and impact.