Sovereign Decarbonization Program: Supporting NDC Plans Implementation and Financing

Continuing our educational and advocacy efforts toward NDC implementation and financing, EMIA’s Sovereign Decarbonization Program hosted the UNDP Climate Promise team to share their success stories in assisting countries taking ambitious actions to reduce their emissions, increase their resilience to climate impacts, and support sustainable development priorities. The presentation also addressed how their agenda is developing in terms of supporting EM countries with green financing planning and how institutional investors’ input is relevant in this process.

The speakers were 

Jennifer Baumwoll, global climate change specialist and the global coordinator for UNDP’s Climate Promise; 

Catherine Diam-Valla, Global Climate Change Technical Specialist with UNDP’s Climate Promise; and 

Susanne Olbrisch, Climate Finance Specialist at ENDP’s Climate Promise.

The webinar was moderated by Barbara Oldani, Director, Sovereign Decarbonization Program, EMIA.