Sovereign Decarbonization Program: Why Fossil Fuels Cannot Sustainably Meet Africa’s Growing Energy Demand

Natural gas is on the rise globally and in Africa—the opposite of what’s needed to meet the Paris Agreement. The current natural gas infrastructure already supplies the volumes required globally, and any addition is at risk of becoming a stranded asset. Africa has vast renewable energy resources that can supply the continent’s growing energy demand. These resources could also support economic growth in the region.

At this event, Climate Action Tracker discussed their recent report on the subject. The report includes the case studies of Egypt, Nigeria, and Senegal, who are all considering expanding their gas production for domestic use and export. Speakers included: 

Deborah Ramalope, Climate Policy Analysis Team Leader, Climate Analytics

Mia Moisio, Climate Policy Analyst and leader of the Climate Action Tracker project, NewClimate Institute

Barbara Oldani, Director, Sovereign Decarbonization Program (moderator)