TMT Program: Are Telcos Getting a Pass on Digital Rights?

With the strong focus of media and regulators on Big Tech and its contributions to the ills of technology, Telcos often receive relatively less scrutiny on their human rights policies and practices. But they can generate even greater harm than tech platforms, while remaining even less transparent. As the primary providers of internet access globally, they must be held accountable.
This webinar will focus on the findings of the Ranking Digital Rights Telco Giants Scorecard 2022 with a focus on emerging markets. RDR is an independent research program and benchmark that brings together experts on a wide range of internet and human rights-related issues, including algorithms, data protection, ad tech, surveillance, censorship, and content governance.


Jessica Dheere, Director Ranking Digital Rights

Jan Rydzak, Company and Investor Engagement Manager Ranking Digital Rights

Maria Tinedo, TMT Program Director, EMIA (moderator)

The webinar is open to EMIA members, partners, and affiliates; financial professionals; civil society and multilateral ESG experts; and staff of national governments and publicly listed companies.