Agriculture Program: Governance & Sustainability Risks in the Indonesian Palm Oil Sector

This webinar addressed the key corporate governance risks arising from concentrated ownership structures prevalent in SE Asia that are maintained via complex control-enhancing mechanisms, such as the use of pyramid structures, different share classes and crosshholdings. The webinar also presented an analysis on the issue of “shadow companies” that can be used to circumvent market sustainability demands.  Shadow companies are corporate entities whose beneficial ownership and ties to related company groups are deliberately kept hidden.  
Investor engagement opportunities with a leading palm oil producer and an Indonesian food conglomerate whose shadow companies pose deforestation risk were also presented.


Harlan Tufford, Senior Analyst- Governance MSCI ESG Research

Tim Steinweg, Senior Responsible Finance Adviser, Rainforest Foundation Norway

Nadine Cavusoglu, Director of Agriculture Program, EMIA (Moderator)