The Emerging Markets Investors Alliance enables institutional emerging market investors to support good governance, promote sustainable development, and improve investment performance in the governments and companies in which they invest.


Beginning in 2010, the groundwork was laid for the Alliance through the organization of several informal educational events for investors on emerging market governance issues. The Alliance was formally incorporated in 2015 and holds educational events for investors on topics relating to transparency and anti-corruption, the environment, human rights, animal welfare, and corporate governance. The Alliance also produces educational materials on these issues and empowers investors to become effective advocates for good governance. 


Only a few international institutions have the power to influence public and private sector governance and sustainability in emerging markets. These include international financial institutions such as the World Bank, select non-governmental organizations such as Transparency International or the Global Reporting Initiative, and other governments. The Alliance empowers investors to stand alongside these institutions as leading advocates for good governance and sustainability.

Asset Manager Members            



Member Team(s)

Greylock EM Debt
Eaton Vance EM Debt,    EM Equity
Van Eck EM Debt
BlueBay EM Debt
T. Rowe Price EM Debt
Global Evolution EM Debt
Baillie Gifford EM Debt
Barings  EM Sovereign Debt
Colchester EM Debt



Corporate Associates

Event Hosts

Eaton Vance
JP Morgan
Mayer Brown
Societe Generale
Thomson Reuters

Corporate Partners


Dr. Mark Mobius
Hewlett Foundation
Open Society Foundation