Abby McKenna

Abby McKenna is Senior Advisor to the Emerging Markets Investors Alliance.

Abby was formerly the head of the Emerging Markets Debt group at Morgan
Stanley Investment Management.  There, she was responsible for managing all
assets, investment team members and business aspects of MSIM's multi-billion
dollar EMD business. While at MSIM, Abby developed, launched, and managed
the first U.S. closed-end fund listed on the NYSE to invest principally in
emerging market debt in local currencies. In addition, Abby was a member of
MSIM's Alternative Asset Classes Allocation Committee charged with
determining relative value and allocations across a broad range of
alternative asset classes including real estate, loans, currencies and
commodities and of MSIM's Fixed Income asset allocation committee charged
with determining sector allocations across all fixed income asset classes
for total return portfolios.

Abby has over 25 years of investment experience. She holds a B.A. in
International Relations from Georgetown University  and is a CFA
charterholder. She was previously the Chairperson of the Emerging Market's
Creditors Association and a board member of the Emerging Markets Traders