Carbon Transition Initiative and Sovereign Decarbonisation Program: Carbon Pricing Approaches and Mechanisms in EM

The Sovereign Decarbonisation Program and Carbon Transition Initiative invite you to attend a webinar on carbon markets and their role in setting the price on carbon emissions. Experts from the London Stock Exchange. Verra and Gordian Knot Strategies will look at this topic from different angles and discuss the opportunities and challenges of applying carbon pricing approaches in the Emerging Markets context.

Setting a price on carbon emissions is an essential tool in applying market forces to reduce these emissions. It impacts consumer demand and capital allocation to take into account the negative effects of greenhouse gases on global climate.

Evolving carbon markets are helping to direct capital to applications with the highest GHG emission reduction potential. In some cases, they are also used for greenwashing, and there are other side effects, too. We hope our webinar will help the audience to better understand the pros and cons of this tool and get a broad picture of the current status and the outlook for carbon pricing mechanisms.


Sean Penrith, a recognized Portland Connector, an Edison Awards and Pivotal Leader nominee, a member of the Association of Climate Change officers, an advisor to MIT’s Climate CoLab initiative, an Observer to the Green Bond Principles, and CEO for Gordian Knot Strategies.

Katya Gorbatyuk, Head of Funds, Primary Capital Markets - London Stock Exchange Group

Adrian Rimmer, Director, Sustainable Finance, London Stock Exchange Group

Heather McEwan, Senior Manager, Project Developer Engagement, Verra

Barbara Oldani, EMIA (moderator)