Carbon Transition Initiative: Energy Sector and Carbon Transition

​​​​​​Despite the uncertainty around the exact end state for oil and gas as the world transitions toward a lower-carbon—and, ultimately, net-zero—energy system, current climate scenario modeling generally implies that the transition will be smooth, with supply and demand moving in lockstep to a lower-carbon future. Yet, as the current energy crisis suggests, this perhaps undervalues significant potential for volatility in the transition to net zero, meaning such a transition will be anything but smooth.

  • What will this transition look like for the markets and for energy users?
  • What is the role of oil & gas companies in carbon transition?
  • What pressures does the industry feel from capital markets, customers and governments?
  • What strategies do these companies use to survive climate transition?
  • How do they set and plan to achieve net zero targets?

EMIA’s Carbon Transition Initiative hosted Reed Blakemore, Deputy Director of the Global Energy Center at the Atlantic Council to discuss these and other facets of the role of the energy sector in carbon transition

The event was moderated by Brishni Mukhopadhyay, a member of the Steering Committee of the Carbon Transition Initiative at Emerging Markets Investors Alliance.b