Consumer Staples Program and Extractive Industries Program: WWF Biodiversity Risk Filter and its Application for Agriculture and Extractives

The World Economic Forum estimates that half of the world's GDP depends on biodiversity. However, according to the WWF, 69% of our planet’s wild animal populations have declined since 1970. One more million species are also facing extinction due to human activity. In addition to these high level risks, businesses negatively impacting biodiversity are likely to incur regulatory, reputational, and other risks.

The Consumer Staples Program and the Extractive Industries Program have jointly organized a webinar focused on biodiversity and the tools available to investors who want to integrate it into their decision-making process.
WWF's Rebekah Church, Regula Hess, and Florian Oeschger will highlight the biodiversity risks that are particularly acute for the mining and agriculture industries. They will also present the WWF Biodiversity Risk Filter, a tool that helps investors assess these risks for companies in their portfolios.


Rebekah Church, Global Lead Biodiversity Stewardship, WWF

Regula Hess, Senior Advisor Sustainable Finance, WWF

Florian Oeschger, Advisor Sustainable Finance, WWF

Pavel Laberko, Director, Extractive Industries Program, EMIA (moderator)