Debt and Fiscal Governance Program: The Open Government Partnership (OGP) - Understanding OGP's databases to advance government transparency

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) provides data on the performance of its members in various areas of open government. This includes anti-corruption measures, civic space, and fiscal transparency, among others. With data sourced from over ten organizations and more than 50 indicators, the OGP database also offers actionable insights for each member.

EMIA hosted a panel discussion on the latest developments in the OGP's efforts to promote transparency and open governance. The event featured Joseph Foti, Christina Socci, and Renzo Falla from the OGP, who shared insights on how investors can leverage the OGP's databases to advocate for the adoption and implementation of open government initiatives.


Joseph Foti, Chief Research Officer - Open Government Partnership

Christina Socci, Open Government Partnership

Renzo Falla, Open Government Partnership