ESG Initiative: Evaluating Carbon Footprinting in EM Debt - Perspectives From Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and Emso

EMIA’s ESG Initiative hosted Danilo Simonelli, Managing Director, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan to speak about how the asset allocator looks at carbon footprints across their EM Debt portfolios, their Net Zero pledge and how they plan on achieving it. Jens Nystedt, Senior Portfolio Manager, Emso, joined Danilo to explore the challenges from an asset managers' perspective, including the validity and consistency of data.

The event was moderated by Claire Meier Underhill, Managing Director, Emerging Markets Investors Alliance. 

The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Initiative engages asset managers to discuss their approaches to integrating ESG factors into their investment frameworks, and advocating for ESG best practices in emerging markets.