ESG Initiative Program: How Stock Exchanges Can Help Corporates Meet Investors’ ESG Demands

The Emerging Markets Investors Alliance (EMIA) and the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) conducted a webinar on “How Stock Exchanges Can Help Corporates Meet Investors’ ESG Demands."

EMIA President Ashok Parameswaran, Head of Private Sector Programs Patrick O’Connell, and Program Director Maria Tinedo discussed the importance of investor engagement, ESG bonds, ESG disclosures, and targets. They explained how EMIA supports investors engagement with companies on ESG issues and provide insights from the institutional investors involved in EMIA's work. A Q&A session followed. 


  • Konstantin Saroyan, Secretary General of FEAS
  • Claire Meier Underhill, Head - Memberships & Partnerships, EMIA


  • Ashok Parameswaran, Founder & President, EMIA
  • Maria Tinedo, Program Director - Financials and TMT, EMIA
  • Patrick O'Connell, Director of Fixed Income Responsible Investing Research, AllianceBernstein. Executive Fellow, EMIA