ESG Initiative with Robert Lewenson, Old Mutual Investment Group

EMIA's ESG Initiative webinar on Tuesday, February 9, 9am EST / 2pm GMT entitled "ESG Implementation and Engagement in an African Context", featured Robert Lewenson of Old Mutual Investment Group.

Robert Lewenson is the Head of ESG Engagement for Old Mutual Investment Group and is based in Cape Town, South Africa. He joined the Old Mutual Investment Group Responsible Investment team in October 2014, as a Governance and Engagement Manager. He is responsible for proxy voting and engagement, representing the Old Mutual Investment Group on various industry bodies and championing responsible investment for the OM group. Robert's legal and corporate governance background enables him to bring his knowledge of law and negotiation skills to the fore in promoting clients' interests. Prior to joining the Responsible Investment team, he was a legal advisor at Old Mutual Investment Group for seven years. Robert has fourteen years of work experience in the legal profession and asset management industry. He holds a BBusSci LLB (UCT) and is an Attorney of the High Court.