ESG Initiative Webinar: EMIA's Enhanced Labeled Bond Campaign - Working to Raise the Standards in Labeled Bond Issuance

Join the conversation with EMIA’s Enhanced Labeled Bond Campaign Director Eva Sanchez-Ampudia, and learn more about the evolution of the campaign launched earlier this year and the next steps for EMIA's labeled bond work.  

EMIA's Labeled Bond Standards (ELBS) provide guidelines for market practices that aim to make a meaningful contribution to improving the credibility of ESG debt and the impact of the financing. EMIA’s Working Group on labeled bonds developed them in consultation with stakeholders across the emerging market community. 

The Uruguay SSLB 5.750% USD bond due in 2034, which settled on October 28, 2022, is fully consistent with EMIA’s ELBS, which introduces significant improvements over prevailing practices. The standards encourage an elevated level of transparency and more stringent terms and conditions in new ESG-related bonds.

There’s still work to do amongst investors, issuers, investment banks, 2nd party opinion providers, and other organizations in raising labeled bond standards and addressing challenges in the sector. Eva will explore the next steps for EMIA on this path. 



Eva Sanchez-Ampudia, Director, Enhanced Labeled Bond Campaign 

Luiza Dias Lopes Vasconcellos, Head, Negocios ESG, Itau BBA

Claire Meier Underhill, Head, Memberships & Partnerships, EMIA (moderator)