ESG Initiative Webinar: How Stock Exchanges Can Create Sustainable Investment Opportunities - Bolsa Institucional de Valores (BIVA) and the Mexican Private Sector

Many emerging market corporates struggle to keep pace with investors' demands for sustainability information. Stock Exchanges can provide a critical leadership role for both equity and debt issuers. They can also offer higher-quality engagement with investors on complex sustainability information and performance. 

Maria Ariza, Bolsa Institucional de Valores (BIVA) CEO, and Iker Vinageras Massieu, Corporate Issuers & Head of ESG Solutions at BIVA, will discuss BIVA’s incubator program that helps Mexican corporates with equity and debt offerings, understand investor demand for sustainability information, and deliver relevant data. 

BIVA's work showcases best-in-practice leadership skills on how stock exchanges globally can play a key role in supporting higher quality disclosures and best practice adoption, as well as Mexican corporates’ desires to lead on sustainability best practices.  


Maria Ariza, CEO, BIVA

Iker Vinageras Massieu, Corporate Issuers & Head of ESG Solutions, BIVA

Claire Meier Underhill, Head, Memberships & Partnerships, EMIA (moderator)