Extractive Industries Program: Climate Lobbying Assessment Tools and Their Application to Methane Emissions

Decarbonizing the economy is multifaceted; companies have different means and opportunities to effect this change. Many of them can develop new technologies and processes that help mitigate climate change and/or adapt to its consequences. Even more, businesses can reduce their GHG emissions. However, another often overlooked lever companies have is lobbying governments and regulators at all levels. By engaging with businesses, investors can and should influence this activity to make sure it's helping to transition away from fossil fuels, not creating obstacles to this process.

Do you know how and to what end your investee companies lobby?

InfluenceMap is a non-profit think tank that has developed a set of tools that collect and analyze information about lobbying activities. The aim is to help investors, other associations and initiatives, as well as governments and companies, monitor lobbying activities and their impact on the climate and biodiversity crises. A team of InfluenceMap will present the tools, review the situation with lobbying across the world, and focus on emerging markets and methane emissions.


Joe Brooks, Program Manager (Investor Engagement), InfluenceMap

Faye Holder, Program Manager (Oil & Gas), InfluenceMap

Yuna Chang, Country Manager (Korea), InfluenceMap

Vivek Parekh, Senior Analyst, InfluenceMap

Pavel Laberko, Director, Extractive Industries Program, EMIA (moderator)