Extractive Industries Program: Gender Equity in the Mining Context

This roundtable discussion focused on the corporate governance aspects of gender equity, such as labor force composition, professional opportunities, work environment and safety for women etc. It also covered the “outside the fence” social issues related to local communities and the impact companies have on gender issues in their areas of operation.

  • Why is gender equity important for investors?
  • What are the issues that are particularly relevant for the mining industry?
  • What are the best practices and what are companies and civil society organizations doing to implement them?
  • How can investors help issuers and what is the most effective way for them to engage?

 We invited Carolyn Burns, Executive Director, Devonshire Initiative and Gale Lee, Director for International Programs, Canadian Executive Service Organization to sit together with Gillian Doran, CFO, Rio Tinto Aluminum to discuss the relevant best practices in the industry and answer these and other questions. The roundtable focused on “inside the fence” aspects of gender equity while also covering the relevant “outside the fence” issues.

This event was moderated by Carolyn Burns from the Devonshire Initiative.