Extractive Industries Program: GHG Accounting in Metals & Mining

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have become an important metric widely used by investors on par with earnings and other financial parameters. Yet, it entered the realm of investment management very recently, and the approaches to GHG measurement and reporting are still being hammered out.
Estimates of emissions and their intensity often vary for similar processes. The breadth of reporting and materiality criteria are still being discussed. Neither consumers nor producers know with certainty the amounts of embodied emissions in the products they buy and sell.
Our partners at the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment have been involved in the COMET project aimed at harmonizing the GHG calculation framework for mineral supply chains. During this work, they conducted in-depth research on the current shortcomings of GHG accounting. John Biberman, Senior Policy Associate from the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, has agreed to come to our webinar to talk about the findings of this research, about important issues in accounting for GHG emissions in the metals and mining industry, and their implications for investors.

John Biberman, Senior Policy Associate, CCSI
Pavel Laberko, Director, Extractive Industries, EMIA (moderator)