Extractive Industries Program: Governance Challenges in Transition Minerals Supply Chains

How can companies, governments and investors act together to avoid growing risks in the value chains of transition minerals?

The global transition to fossil-free sources of energy will lead to accelerating demand for a number of minerals that are essential components of batteries, wind turbines, solar panels, grids, and other equipment, and infrastructure. The critical role of the mining industry in supplying these minerals highlights a number of important ESG issues, of which governance is crucial.  

EMIA invited an expert from the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) to discuss these issues and offer a few recommendations for investors and policy makers. EITI, in partnership with the University of Queensland, has recently issued a comprehensive report covering governance challenges in supply chains of transition minerals, and Bady Baldé shared its findings with our audience and answered questions.

The webinar was open to EMIA members, partners, and affiliates; financial professionals; civil society and multilateral ESG experts; and national governments and publicly listed companies’ staff.



Bady Baldé, Deputy Executive Director, EITI International Secretariat

Andrew Irvine, Corporate Engagement Director, EITI

Pavel Laberko, Director of the Extractive Industries Program EMIA (moderator)