Extractive Industries Program: Health and Safety in Mining

At the request of the Extractive Industries Working Group members, with this webinar, we are beginning to develop the topic of occupational safety in the mining industry in depth.
Employee Health & Safety is a material issue for the metals & mining industry, according to SASB. Taking care of its employees makes a company's operations more sustainable and productive in the long run. It reduces its legal and financial risks. Maintaining proper occupational health & safety standards makes sense not just for social considerations but for economic reasons, too.
This is a broad topic. Mining safety issues include exposure to dangerous chemicals, occupational diseases, injuries from heavy machinery and explosives, hearing loss, heat, UV exposure, and many other hazards. We will not be able to cover all aspects in one webinar, but we hope it will begin a series of informative and practical events.
Halshka Graczyk from the International Labour Organization, the global standard setter in this area, focused on the fundamental principles and conventions and their relevance for emerging markets.

Halshka Graczyk, Technical Specialist on Occupational Safety and Health, International Labour Organisation (ILO)
Pavel Laberko, Director, Extractive Industries Program, EMIA (moderator)