Extractive Industries Program : Water Management in the Mining Industry

EMIA’s Extractive Industries Program hosted Dr. Ann Maest, Aqueous Geochemist with Buka Environmental to discuss “Best Practices on Water Management in the Mining Industry.”

Mining operations rely heavily on water for mineral separation, processing, and refining; dust suppression; cooling of drilling and processing machinery; and transport of ore and waste in slurries. Surface water and groundwater quality and nearby communities can also be affected by the discharge of mine water, mine waste seepage, breaches or failures of tailings and mine water storage facilities, chemical spills, and the release of uncontrolled stormwater. 

In this webinar we discussed the impacts, challenges, and opportunities related to water use in mining projects; how mine operators can protect current and future water resources and minimize water pollution; and ways to adopt best water management approaches. As a best practice, we reviewed the water management requirements of the IRMA standard and its qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Moderated by Veronica Ayzaguer, Director, Extractive Industries Program, Emerging Markets Investors Alliance.