Health, Education and Human Rights Program: Racial Equity Pact Brazil - How the ESG Racial Protocol Engages Corporate Brazil to Better Integrate Racial Minorities Into the Professional Workforce

Social and, specifically, racial inequality is one of Brazil’s most significant challenges. Blacks, who comprise 56% of the population, are starkly underrepresented among professionals. One of the top obstacles to the training of black professionals is the low quality of public education.
Pacto Promoção da Equidade Racial developed a Racial ESG Protocol for Brazil and is promoting its adoption by companies and institutional investors. The Racial ESG Protocol is an excellent opportunity for companies to develop a stand and a narrative consistent with this new demand from society and support greater social justice by promoting the productive inclusion of the black population.
The initiative has received various awards and is supported by many national and international institutions, among others UN Global Compact and ANBIMA.

Members from Pacto Promoção da Equidade Racial and corporate Brazil will explain how the protocol has been developed, what the different elements are, how it is working so far, and how international investors can support the initiative. 

Jair Ribeiro, Founder, Parceiros da Educação

Gilberto Costa, Head, Pacto Promoção da Equidade Racial

Uwe Schillhorn, Director, Health, Education and Human Rights Program, EMIA (moderator)