Health, Education, and Human Rights Program: UNICEF, Children’s Rights in Responsible Investments - How to Integrate Children’s Rights into ESG Stewardship Activities

Children make up around 1/3 of the world’s population, but are rarely considered a priority stakeholder group for businesses and investors. In this webinar, UNICEF shared insights on material impacts of business activities on children with country examples. The speakers also discussed what effective actions businesses can take to mitigate negative effects on children through workplace policies and practices. This provided insights into potential stewardship activities to improve early childhood development outcomes – to the benefit of children but also societies and economies at large.


Erik Nyman, Senior Programme Adviser (Children’s Rights and Business), UNICEF

Chris Kip, Global Programme Specialist (Children’s Rights and Business), UNICEF

Uwe Schillhorn, Director, Health, Education and Human Rights Program, EMIA (moderator)