Materials Program Webinar: Investors’ Risks in the Plastic Sector

Plastics are ubiquitous; they play important roles in many industries and people’s lives. Unfortunately, their wide use has negative side effects and unintended consequences, many of which are now becoming evident. 

Chemical producers generate significant GHG emissions, which are hard to abate. Plastic pollution affects biodiversity. On top of these and other adverse effects and hazards, plastics can lead to financial risks for investors and financial institutions exposed to chemicals and other related industries.
In this webinar, we will gain insights into the specific risks that investors may incur, some of which may not be fully accounted for by the price of an asset in the plastic value chain. An expert from Planet Tracker will provide an overview of the increasing regulatory actions in response to various forms of plastic pollution. Most importantly, we will offer recommendations and suggested targets that will be useful in investors’ engagement with issuers.

Thalia Bofiliou, Senior Investment Analyst, Planet Tracker
Scott McQuiston, ESG Investment Analyst – Fixed Income, abrdn (moderator)