Sovereign Decarbonization Program: Probable Futures - Using Climate Science for Effective Engagement in Emerging Markets

Join Spencer Glendon and Alison Smart from Probable Futures, a non-profit climate literacy initiative, for an educational session on the effective use of their resources on climate science. 

Probable Futures develops practical tools and offers narratives on climate adaptation cases to public and private institutions to help them manage climate change. These tools and resources are available online to everyone, everywhere. Spencer and Alison described their work and gave practical examples of how to deploy climate science to manage the challenges ahead, a tool that can likewise assist investors in their advocacy with firms and governments in emerging markets regarding climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Jim Valone, member of the Board of Directors of the Emerging Markets Investors Alliance (EMIA) and formerly head of Wellington Management’s emerging markets debt effort, moderated the webinar.


Spencer Glendon, Founder, Probable Futures

Alison Smart, Executive Director, Probable Futures

Jim Valone, Member of the Board of Directors, EMIA (moderator)