Sovereign Decarbonization Program : Scaling up Climate Action - The Role of Blended Finance in Mobilizing Capital for Low Carbon Transition in Developing Countries

EMIA hosted Dr. Ekaterina (Katya) Gratcheva, Lead Finance Officer at Climate Investment Funds (CIF), Chris Clubb, Managing Director at Convergence, and Matthieu Pegon, Head of Blended Finance, IDB Invest to present their work and perspectives.

The webinar addressed the role of blended finance in scaling up climate finance in developing countries. The panelists, including the Climate Investment Funds, IDB Invest and Convergence, explained how different stakeholders deploy blended finance solutions and mobilize private capital in EMs for climate action.

The event was moderated by Barbara Oldani, Director of Sovereign Decarbonization Program, Emerging Markets Investors Alliance.