TMT Program : Global Monitoring of E-Waste

EMIA is pleased to announce that Vanessa Forti of The United Nations University was the first speaker at the event to kick off our Telecom/Media/Tech Program on September 17 at 10am EDT.  Vanessa gave us a solid overview of the global electronics waste issue and an update on the latest policy developments in her presentation Global Monitoring of E-Waste

Vanessa is a Program Associate at UNU where she is focused on waste quantification and the evaluation of its impacts, and she is the author of various publications such as the 2020 and 2017 edition of the Global E-waste Monitor (Forti et al. 2020, Balde et al. 2017) and the globally recognized E-waste Statistics Guidelines on classification, reporting and indicators (Forti et al. 2018). 

This event is exclusive to emerging markets investment professionals.


Vanessa Forti, United Nations University