TMT Program: Telco’s E-Waste and Circularity

The telecommunications sector has been at the forefront of unprecedented demand for digital communications in the past few years. This has prompted companies in the sector to consume more energy and generate more waste than ever.
Telcos represent less than 2% of global GHG direct emissions, with an estimated 85% attributed to Scope 3 emissions from suppliers and partners. However, waste is a big contributor to their overall carbon footprint; therefore, they have the responsibility to reduce waste streams connected to network infrastructure, E-waste from data centers and IT, devices, etc.
Telcos around the world are using Circular Economy to face these challenges and Telefonica, the second-largest telecom operator in Latin America, is at the forefront of such a trend. Its Circular Economy Plan aims to achieve zero waste by 2030 through eco-design, reuse, and recycling. The company is committed to reusing, reselling, or recycling 100% of its network equipment by 2050.
The webinar will provide an overview of E-waste and Circularity focused on the Telecom sector, followed by Telefonica’s presentation about its challenges and opportunities. It will deliver valuable insights and knowledge to enhance decision-making and contribute to a more circular economy and sustainable investment to decarbonize the sector.


Eva Morales, Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies Program Leader, Cambridge Judge Business School; Founder and CEO, Circular Advisors; Climate Tech Co-founder, Hyve Forum 
Maya Ormazabal, Sustainability Director, Telefonica
Maria Tinedo, Director of TMT Program, EMIA (moderator)