3rd Annual Dr. Mark Mobius Lecture: Viral Volatility - Mitigating the Impact of Pandemics on Emerging Markets


                                                  3rd Annual Dr. Mark Mobius Lecture 

                Viral Volatility - Mitigating the Impact of Pandemics on Emerging Markets


How can countries and companies in emerging markets prevent, or at least mitigate, the devastating toll of pandemics on people and economies? And how can the financial community play a pivotal role in fighting pathogens?

Three experts shared their pandemic explorations, bringing troves of information and bold ways to meet the challenges of viral mass disruption. 

The lecture discussed and explored the following:

  • How the health of humans, animals, and the environment are inextricably linked.
  • How plagues throughout millennia have impacted economies. 
  • How we measure and rate countries' preparedness for epidemics and pandemics.
  • Policies and practices investors can support to protect economic health during future onslaughts of infectious disease.


Sharon Deem, Director, Saint Louis Zoo Institute for Conservation Medicine and ‘One Health’ proponent.

Jennifer Nuzzo, Director, Pandemic Center, Brown University School of Public Health. Co-leader of the Global Health Security Index.

Charles Kenny, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development. Author of The Plague Cycle: The Unending War Between Humanity and Infectious Disease.

Mark Mobius, Founder, Mobius Capital Partners. Member of Board of Advisors, EMIA (opening and closing remarks).

Moderator :

Uwe Schillhorn, Director of the Health, Education, and Human Rights Program in the Public Sector Group at EMIA.