Carbon Transition Initiative: Decarbonisation of Steel and Cement - Challenges and the Way Forward

Decarbonisation of Steel and Cement: Challenges and the Way Forward


Steel and cement have a number of similarities. Making both of these materials requires large amounts of energy. Most methods used in their production processes emit significant volumes of CO2. The situation is exacerbated by the expected growth in demand for these materials for decades to come because they are used in infrastructure and residential construction. Developing countries is where this construction is likely to take place on a large scale and over long-term horizons.

We invited Climate Bonds Initiative's experts to explain to investors the challenges and opportunities that are specific to the production of these materials, and about the parameters of these companies’ transition plans that investors should pay attention to.



Pavel Laberko, CFA, Director, Carbon Transition Initiative, EMIA (introduction)

Fabio Passaro, Transition Policy Analyst, Climate Bonds Initiative

Fabiana Contreras, Senior Sustainability Analyst, Climate Bonds Initiative

Paul Vermaak, Head of Standards, Climate Bonds Initiative

Fabrizio Palmucci, Senior Advisor, Climate Bonds Initiative (moderator)