EMIA NOTES 07-17-2023

EMIA Notes - July 17, 2023





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Volunteer Opportunities



1. Reuters Events White Paper Highlights ESG Priorities Across Regions 

Reuters Events has published a White Paper entitled “ESG Under Pressure: A case study compendium with guidance on implementing robust ESG analysis across diverse geographies and industries in time-pressured investment scenarios.” 

The report includes a section on emerging markets. Our President and Founder, Ashok Parameswaran; our Head of Private Sector Programs, Nadine Cavusoglu; and our former Head of Public Sector Programs, Roger Scher, were interviewed and featured in the report. 

Access the report:



Our research briefs are available on our website to EMIA members, partners, and affiliates.

1. Issue Brief: Modern Slavery

A new research brief on modern slavery has just been published on the EMIA website and is available to its members. This research effort was spearheaded by the Extractive Industries Program, but the report covers several other industries, too. The paper was authored by our Research Director Sherin Gobran with a significant contribution from Michelle Berman.

The research brief provides a deep dive into sectoral and general legal and voluntary standards and principles related to modern slavery, reviews the situation in the major emerging markets, and ends with a few useful guidelines for investors.



1. Sustainability Challenges and Opportunities in the Pulp and Paper Industry (Materials Program Webinar), held on Friday, March 24 

EMIA hosted a webinar on deforestation caused by the pulp-and-paper industry, its relevant risks, and the implications for investors. Rainforest Foundation Norway's Tim Steinweg and abrdn's Ann Meoni discussed the causes and effects of deforestation and highlighted the repercussions for investors using a case study based on Indonesia’s pulp and paper industry. They also used the example of recent EU legislation to explore the regulatory developments that are likely to evolve across the world.

Other Prior Webinars Our webinar recordings are available to EMIA members and partners. To watch them visit our events page.


1. Volunteer Opportunities

The Emerging Markets Investors Alliance could not function without its many volunteers who contribute their skills to our future. If you want to be part of our project, please send us an email at applicants@emia.org including your resume/ or LinkedIn profile, and mentioning "Volunteer Opportunities" in the subject line.