EMIA NOTES 07-24-2023

EMIA Notes - July 24, 2023




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1. Degroof Petercam Joins The Emerging Markets Investors Alliance 

We are thrilled to announce that Degroof Petercam’s Emerging Market Debt Team has joined our asset manager members alongside AllianceBernstein, abrdn, AXA Investment Managers, T. Rowe Price, among others.

The Emerging Markets Investors Alliance initiated the Asset Manager Membership Program in late-2020. Companies wishing to join us must meet participation requirements to remain in good standing. In return, EMIA offers several benefits to our members, including access to our Research Library and to our collective engagement activities.

For more information on becoming a member, please contact Claire Meier Underhill at claire.meier@emia.org  



Our webinars are open to EMIA members, partners, and affiliates; financial professionals; civil society and multilateral ESG experts; and staff of national governments and publicly listed companies.
10:00 am EDT
3:00 pm BST
1. Climate Lobbying Assessment Tools and Their Application to Methane Emissions
(Extractive Industries Program Webinar)
Wednesday, September 6, 10:00 am EDT / 3:00 pm BST
Decarbonizing the economy is multifaceted; companies have different means and opportunities to effect this change. Many of them can develop new technologies and processes that help mitigate climate change and/or adapt to its consequences. Even more, businesses can reduce their GHG emissions. However, another often overlooked lever companies have is lobbying governments and regulators at all levels. By engaging with businesses, investors can and should influence this activity to make sure it's helping to transition away from fossil fuels, not creating obstacles to this process.

Do you know how and to what end your investee companies lobby?

InfluenceMap is a non-profit think tank that has developed a set of tools that collect and analyze information about lobbying activities. The aim is to help investors, other associations and initiatives, as well as governments and companies, monitor lobbying activities and their impact on the climate and biodiversity crises. A team of InfluenceMap will present the tools, review the situation with lobbying across the world, and focus on emerging markets and methane emissions.


Joe Brooks, Program Manager (Investor Engagement), InfluenceMap

Faye Holder, Program Manager (Oil & Gas), InfluenceMap

Yuna Chang, Country Manager (Korea), InfluenceMap

Vivek Parekh, Senior Analyst, InfluenceMap

Pavel Laberko, Director, Extractive Industries Program, EMIA (moderator)


Our research briefs are available on our website to EMIA members, partners, and affiliates.

1. Issue Brief: Modern Slavery

A new research brief on modern slavery has just been published on the EMIA website and is available to its members. EMIA’s Extractive Industries Program spearheaded this research effort, but the report covers several other industries, too. Our Research Director, Sherin Gobran, authored the paper with a significant contribution from Michelle Berman.

The research brief provides a deep dive into sectoral and general legal and voluntary standards and principles related to modern slavery, reviews the situation in the major emerging markets, and ends with a few useful guidelines for investors.



1. UNICEF: Children's Rights in Responsible Investments - How to Integrate Children’s Rights into ESG Stewardship Activities (Health, Education, and Human Rights Program Webinar), held on Thursday, July 13, 2023

EMIA’s Health, Education, and Human Rights Program Director, Uwe Schillhorn, hosted UNICEF's Erik Nyman and Chris Kip to present insights on how businesses impact children, offer country-specific examples, and explore effective measures that companies can implement through workplace policies and practices to mitigate negative consequences for children.

Other Prior Webinars Our webinar recordings are available to EMIA members and partners. To watch them visit our events page.


1. Volunteer Opportunities

The Emerging Markets Investors Alliance could not function without its many volunteers who contribute their skills to our future. If you want to be part of our project, please send us an email at applicants@emia.org including your resume/ or LinkedIn profile, and mentioning "Volunteer Opportunities" in the subject line.