How do I create an Advocacy Plan?

Click on 'New Advocacy Plan' on the Advocacy Plan homepage. Follow instructions to Create and Edit Advocacy Plan.

How do I add the name of an advocacy target ( company or agency ) that is not listed?

Contact the Alliance with the Contact us form.

Can all entrants to the IEP view all advocacy campaigns on the Platform across sectors and programs?

Yes, it is important that all IEP users have access to the array of advocacy underway by Alliance staff and members.

Is the IEP for Alliance members only? Can policy experts, academics, and policy partners join the IEP? Is there an introductory period for non-members?

The IEP is an Investor Engagement Portal. It is a closed community for investors only, to share notes and information relevant to engagement and advocacy with targets (typically issuers) based on E, S and G topics. For the sake of effective investor advocacy, it is not generally open to experts, academics or policy partners. These individuals can advise and guide advocacy via participation in Alliance programs and working groups. IEP users are all investors, either Alliance members or those granted a trial membership.

For a trial membership, please contact a member of Alliance staff.

Who is able to approve my Advocacy Plan / Can I solicit help on my Plan?

Once an Advocacy Plan is submitted for review, the relevant Alliance Director will finalize the plan via 'publishing' it. For help crafting a plan an its various steps, please contact the relevant Director associated with the program or working group that aligns most closely with the Advocacy Plan sector.